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Item code: 4-4-4

VENEXIAN is a decorative acrylic stucco ideal for reproducing the ancient craft of the shiny Venetian stucco finish.
Venexian brings back to life and ancient effect, ideal this time for all types of environment and furnishing

- Washable,Environmentally friendly- Can be applied on: Walls,Wood- forInteriors\/Exteriors use

- Make sure the surface is completely dry . If the surface is plastered, make sure it had a curing time of at least 28 days , depending on temperature. - Make sure that the media has been well prepared and is suitable for coating: plaster must be dry, not have any granules , on old walls, make sure that there is no poor quality or powdery paint, remove flaking paint etc. . - Apply 1 coat of SCIK PURAL ACRIL primer if necessary. -Apply with a brush or roller one or two coats of DECOR FONDO PRIMER diluted with 5-10 % water. - Apply the first coat of VENEXIAN dyed using TONER TN or BASE COLOR UPC. Use a stainless steel trowel, taking care to smooth the entire surface. - Sand with very fine sandpaper any imperfections and brush off the dust. - Once dry , apply a second coat of VENEXIAN creating the typical effects of a lime slate. Therefore you can get the effects of shiny marble , overlapping effects and so on...

0.750LT : 3-4 : m²4LT : 17-19 m²15LT : 64-71 m²