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Item code: 4-4-7

SP CRAQUELEE is a Dual-component (A + B) decorative product based on special resins with combinations of special pigments giving the surface special cracking effects. SP CRAQUELEE makes surfaces elegant thanks to unique and special features. SP CRAQUELEE can only be applied indoors and may be used on walls and wood, as well as furniture

- Washable,Environmentally friendly- Can be applied on: Walls,Wood- forInteriors use

- Make sure the surface is completely dry . If the surface is plastered, make sure it had a curing time of at least 28 days , depending on temperature. - Make sure that the media has been well prepared and is suitable for coating: plaster must be dry, not have any granules , on old walls, make sure that there is no poor quality or powdery paint, remove flaking paint etc. . - Apply 1 coat of SCIK PURAL ACRIL primer if necessary. - Apply with a brush or roller one or two coats of DECOR PRIMER diluted with 5-10 % water. -Apply one coat of TRASPARENTE SPACCANTE using a short-haired brush. Allow to dry well. PREPARE SP CRAQUELEE: -Mix component B in component A. Mix well. Ready to use, do not thin. -Apply SP CRAQUELEE using a brush. Take care not to pass over an area twice, even if coverage was not optimal. Let dry for 6-12 hours, according on temperature conditions. -Once completely dry, refine the surface sandpapering slightly to remove any imperfections which normally become evident when drying. -Finish using a protective finish. C´ERA D´ARTE, DECOR EPOXY and HYDROFINISH OPACO are compatible with SP CRAQUELEE.

0.750LT : 3-4 m²2.5LT : 13-14 m²4LT : 21-23 m²