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Our history began in 2006 with the opening of a paint shop near Fareed Hotel in the city center of Erbil city in Iraq by (Salar Ahmed Ali and Ibrahim Khudhur Hamad Sheen). Our main target is bringing materials of high quality to Iraq. Our business includes (construction, paint, epoxy, varnish, electricity and wallpaper….etc.)

In 2012 our company was established formally under the name (Dekoras Company for General Trading Limited) by Mr. Salar Ahmed Ali. Since then we opened many branches in Erbil, Kirkuk, and Duhok City. And you can find our materials wherever you want in Iraq.

In 2007 we became the sole agent of Dufa brand Paints, a German product of Meffert AG Company that Kayalar Kimya factory produces for us in Turkey with the same German technology. At the same time, we became the sole agent of Genc brand paint and varnish that Kayalar Kimya produces for us in high quality which is a leading global brand in the furniture paint and varnish sector and known as 5th largest in Europe.

In the same year, we became the sole agent of the Turkish Dekor Brand, a worldwide brand that produces paint rollers and hand tools.

In 2017 we opened another branch in Erbil for wallpaper that we also became a sole agent of Parato Company which is an Italian brand that produces a variety of different shapes of wallpaper.